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Summary of the psychedelic autobiographical adventure

The Way To Ouray: Down The Rabbit Hole

Who was it that was calling me to leave everything behind and start a Weed-inspired entertainment business all the way in Colorado? It wasn't the only call, but it was the final call until I jumped down the rabbit hole into my current self.


I've tried answering that question ever since I decided to switch my response to the police about how I got two black and blue eyes at age 5. Since then, I went on a long journey down a rabbit hole to finally see who or what has been calling me my entire life.


The calling led me to a little hidden town deep in the Rocky Mountains where the mountains kiss the sky called Ouray. It was there that I got to get high, climb mountains, and reconnect with my inner child. I gained a new perspective from up there. The higher up I was able to go, the more I got to see below.


For several years after my divorce, there was a new reconnection to this calling. It said so much, but not a word has ever come out. Each time it called, I traveled to where it wanted me to go, and it became more and more clear as to who or what it was that has been calling me.


Then the pandemic of 2020 hit. My life turned upside down, and I was falling. As I hit a bottom with both of my careers, another pathway in my rabbit hole became slightly visible. And that's when I saw who and or what has been calling me. So I packed my bags, bought an RV, and traveled across the apocalyptic plains of America to follow this final calling to the place that helped me take control of my own story.

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