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neva.summer - better known as Jazz has been keeping the party alive even before her DJ years.

Starting out as a dancer at 13, Jazz found her love for music very early on in her life and always wanted to be a part of
every aspect of creating something special.


Born in Chicago, neva.summer immediately gravitated to house
and dance music. She combines her love for dance and music to create moments where the
audience can get lost in the vibration of the beat.


Being an open format Dj, neva.summer uses her 10 years of
skills and creativity on turntables. She has performed all over North America but every time she
performs, she brings a little home with her.


neva.summer is our main DJ with the most experience. If you like her bio, click the button below and type "Pot Party with Jazz" in the message section to book an awesome experience today!

Check out her Instagram at:

For a sample of Jazz's style:

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