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Ganja Gorilla

Half-Baked Golf Race


Ganja Gorilla

The game's goal is for each competitor to get their ganja gorilla across the jungle gym. All who compete have to take a puff of ganja while breathing in for 4 seconds. Whoever can hold their Puff the longest gets to move their ganja gorilla to the next rung on the jungle gym. 


It gets interesting once you get to the second section. The lead competitor cannot take the shortcut and can only open it for a shortcut for the competitors behind them. 


If a competitor shares the same rung before passing the shortcut and prison cell area, a competitor can compete and throw the loser in prison while the winner moves to the next rung. If there are three or more players, then the only way to get out of the prison cell is to be able to hold your puffs for at least 30 seconds. If there are only two competitors, you have to be able to hold your puff longer than your competitor to get out of prison. 


All competitors can put each other in prison if you share a rung.


After the lead competitor passes the shortcut and prison cell, the other competitors can take a shortcut if they are on the rung before or after the shortcut/prison cell. However, they have to stop at the last middle rung until the lead competitor gets to the fourth section just before the exit of the shortcut and the other prison cell. If the competitor who took the shortcut wins, they get to take the lead competitor's position, and the lead competitor has to go to the prison cell next to them. If there are three competitors, the prisoner can only get out by holding their puff for 40 seconds. If there are only two competitors, they have to compete and keep their Puff the longest to get out. 


If the competitor who takes the shortcut loses, they have to go back and take the long route to get to the fourth section of the jungle gym.


Whoever gets to the end of the fourth section wins the ganja Gorilla game.

The Half-Baked Golf Race

Putt your ball into one of the holes to determine how long you need to hold a puff of weed to gain points! The first person to reach 250 points win the Half-Baked Golf Race!

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