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Hula Hoop Dancer


First Challenge: Highathalon

At each level of Box Canyon Falls is a weed gummy bag. Starting at the bottom of the cave, get ready to race up a flight of stair to scarf down each canna-candy. Whomever ate the most wins the highathalon!

Second Challenge: High Hoopin'

Can you hula hoop with a lit joint in your mouth?

Third Challenge: Weed Toss

Toss the weed to the other person. Whoever drops it loses a point. Whoever catches it gains a point. The first person who reaches 50 points with a lit joint in their mouth wins this challenge!

Fourth Challenge: Don't Drop the Weed

Carry a bud on a spoon in your mouth up a mountain without dropping it. You lose a point every time you drop the herb, but you gain a point every check point!

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