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“About once every three months, the DOR releases an average market rate (AMR) for wholesale marijuana flower, trim and plant matter allocated for extraction — and just about all of those figures are going up. According to the DOR, the average price per pound of marijuana flower is currently hovering around $1,721, compared to a $1,316 AMR in October and $1,000 in July.

Marijuana trim prices are jumping, too, increasing 12.5 percent on average from July to December to $400 per pound, according to the DOR, while trim allocated for extraction — the process of making concentrates and infused products — increased 30 percent, to $250, during the same period. Marijuana flower allocated for extraction stayed flat, at $502.”

 - West Word, 2021

Increased prices, less demand, more waste of your product. The Rabbit Hole Express is here to fix that problem.

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