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Liven up your parties with a Marijuana vaping color light show! 

User review of The Hot Box:

"Ok, I have been out of The Hot Box for about 45 min and I am still high. I highly recommend The Hot Box!"

- Gary Garcia

"It always takes me at least two blunts to get high, but this got me higher than I've ever been!"

- Olivia

Type "Hot Box" in the message section of booking after filling out the rest of the form.

For quicker reservations, text "Hot Box", date, and time to TheRabbitHoleExpress on Telegram, and

EZCZ on Signal.

**MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO USE, BYOB, MMJ Card and FL State ID cards required before use**

After booking is confirmed and coordinated, please choose the appropriate payment option below. Must be paid in full 24 hours prior.



 $30/person/15 min.

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